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November 25, 2006



I think that tv advertising has really become passive, because young people hardly ever watch tv anymore, the more interesting things are online; but in their own way tv advertising and shows pushes their audience to go online by constantly giving websites, not just to browse but to also get discounts.
On the other hand you have things like guerilla advertising that are pushing the boundries of how far advertising can go; they're bring the companies values to he consumer where they're at.


I agree the advertising industry has changed immensely over the last couple of decades, the obvious reasons being, new technology, media fragmentation and educated consumers. Todays consumers are savvier, better informed and understand the shift of power favours them.

In an attempt to build relationships with these consumers, companies have had to reassess their marketing and media strategies. New technology such as the internet has the advantage of being interactive, targeted, measurable and importantly cost effective. Recent reports have even suggested that internet spend has overtaken both radio and press.

There are a number of reasons for this; in a move towards relationship marketing the internet has the ability to deliver personal messages, for example I receive a weekly email from a leading fashion site. This newsletter not only provides essential trend reports but importantly it recommends products according to what I’ve bought in the past. (Think about all the data they’re getting too!)

With more people using the internet, advertisers have the ability to reach a large audience. Individual sites such as YouTube boast of having around 20 million unique users per month. The advantages for companies’ concentrating on new media such as the internet could go on (less wastage, lower cost per contact, ability to target specific groups etc)

However traditional media such as TV and Press will always have a place in an integrated media plan. TV can still reach the mass market, (think about the 14 million people who tuned into to watch ‘Living with Michael Jackson’) which is probably one of the reasons most FMCG companies spend 80% of their budget on TV.


In terms of a two way experience, digital is the way forward.

HOWEVER...nothing compares to good TV for the ultimate shared experience. You aren't going to get people talking in the same way they did about the latest football match or the premiere of a film.

TV advertising isn't dead; but with this ever quickening comms world, mediocre and crap TV ads will sink quicker than ever before... but the cream always rises to the top, and still, I feel, provides a good ROI.

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