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My name is Steve and I am working as a consultant with Omnicom to help them recruit better and more talented graduates.

Omnicom is the world's largest Advertising and Communications network.

Every agency in this industry needs great talent. Every agency wants the best.

But every day since I began in this industry I have been forced to realise how little I knew about the industry I was dead set on joining.

The Open House Network is on the one hand designed to be a source of information, help and support for people looking to start work in the advertising and communications industry after university.

On the other hand agencies are right in demanding the best - and this site is a place for discussion and sharing of ideas that will help everyone improve their chances of being successful in the advertising and communications industry.

But it's not all online - Omnicom is running an Advertising and Communications Masterclass later this year, which is an initiative designed to help students understand more about this industry and get a foothold in it, while helping agencies connect and engage with the best students. Find out more at

Are you prepared to take a few minutes out of the long hours of online assessments, corporate websites and poking people on Facebook to be part of something different?

I hope so.